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What is Sakinalium?

Sakinalium is an Automation testing tool built on Selenium Webdriver and Appium with JAVA and C# to automate web applications and mobile applications very easily. You will definitely enjoy while working with Sakinalium as you never feel that you working with some difficult automation commands,configurations and settings. While using the methods in the IDE you feel that you writing manual test cases in the automation tool. Every command is simple and selfexplanatory. Being an open source it offers so many features like licenced tools …

You can easily create, maintain and run the automation scripts and find all the bugs in the application as it will never quit execution when finds a bug. Instead it will continue the execution and report all the bugs at the end of the execution.

To work with Sakinalium, we require a unit test framework. Sakinalium will only works with the TestNg framework in Java,Nunit in C# and need to download Sakinalium and its dependent jars/dlls into your current workspace and then extend the Sakinalium class. To generate the reports, you need to call two methods called StartTest() and it should be the first line in every test method, ReportGenerate() and it should be called after each test method execution. That is it, now you can start writing the automation scripts and generate the HTML Reports… Happy Scripting:-)


This Automation Testing API is very simple to read and understand. Every method in this is self explanatory. If a layman look into this code/script can understand what is happening. You can read the automation script like manual test case.

Single Line Coding

In this Automation tool, each and every functionality will be achieved by Single line code. i.e. Selecting a Value from dropdown, Switching between windows and Drag and Drop functionality etc...

Method Chaining

As the name indicates, you can chain the methods without breaking the code i.e. you can write the code for each element continuously.

Cross-Browser Testing

NTest your web application across the most popular browsers including Firefox,Chrome and Internet Explorer to validate the functionality. You can easily switch between the browsers without changing the code.

Extent Reports

Using TestNg, you can generate the Extent Reports as Sakinalium integrated with Extent Reports. Extent Reports are third party HTML reports. You just execute your suite and see the generated reports for the status.

Data Driven Testing

You can validate the same test case with multiple test data using data source like Excel sheet with single line coding.

Functional Testing

Validate the your application functionality works as per the requirements by validating the all the web elements.

Regression Testing

Execute the same set of test cases easily for each new build and find the uncovered bugs to fix in the early stages to reduce the cost of fixing the bugs.

Keyword Driven Testing

Each and every function in this like a keyword. No need to create separate methods for the keyword driven testing. Team can easily use the same methods or functions to work with the scripts to avoid the confusion.

Log Generation

You can log the script execution flow easily using single line code without any configurations or settings.

Excel Read/Write

Execute your test suite multiple times with data driven testing using Excel read write methods without any configuration.

Element Highlight

While executing your script, each element get highlighted with red color to know which element the script is interacting with.

Element Screenshot

Validate your application graphical user interface to check it against the application’s requirement as it will take the specified element screenshot and stores. You can validate the same against the application.

Sikuli Integration

Sakinalium is integrated with Sikuli to upload the files into your application. You can take the screenshots of the elements and use the same as parameters to work with the sikuli.

At present this options is only available with Java.

Browserstack Integration

Sakinalium is integrated with Browserstack to check the browser compatability of the application. You can test the application compatibility with different type of browsers, versions, operating systems and resolution.

Selenium & Appium Integration

If badly stuck with Sakinalium and not able to proceed further as the intended option/feature is not available with this tool, no worries, you can just integrate this with Selenium,Appium and achieve the functionality.